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​Personal Injury 

William Kevin Stoos has litigated personal injuries cases arising from most any situation, accident, or circumstance including, but not limited to:

  • Automobile, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Semi-Tractor, Boating, Tractor,  Farm Machinery Accidents and ATV-4 wheeler
  • Slip and Falls

  • Dog Bites

  • Wrongful Death or Accidental Death (Accident injuries lead to death)

  • Injuries Resulting from coming to the aid of others (Rescue and Emergency Doctrine)​

His broad experience litigating both on behalf of injured persons as well as for insurance companies provides him a unique vantage to highlight the strengths of your case. Insurance companies respect his reputation. 

​Any injury can cause significant financial and physical hardship for victims and their families. We can help to alleviate financial burdens by pursuing compensation on your behalf. Every case is different, and no settlement or verdict is guaranteed or typical; however, we will strive to prosecute and fight on your behalf to the fullest extent and give you the compensation you deserve!

Construction Law

William Kevin Stoos is no stranger to a construction site as a former concrete mason throughout his high school and college years. He has worked with local builders in resolving defect disputes, represented contractors on behalf of insurers, and has prosecuted claims on behalf of corporate clients. He has also represented contractors against insurance companies who have denied coverage for construction defects. 

  • Homeowners with issues with their new  or existing home--mold, cracking, settling, structural issues

  • Contractors and Construction Companies for building issues

  • Interpretation of Home owner's policies and Construction General Liability and Defect Coverage

Insurance Litigation and Coverage Opinions

Insurance is a ubiquitous device and is a necessity in modern times for compliance with state laws, as well as the practical considerations of suffering a loss without coverage. It is also based upon highly complex contracts and butressed with varying case law. William Kevin Stoos frequently handles cases in bad faith litigation, breach of contract, insurance coverage lawsuits, and declaratory judgments, for and against insurance carriers.

William Kevin Stoos also provides coverage opinions to insurance companies, construction companies, and private individuals to ascertain, manage, and predict their potential for exposure or liability in current litigation or as a preventative-loss measure. 

Defense of Personal Injury Litigation

The central focus of William Kevin Stoos' practice has revolved around the Defense of Personal Injury cases. Kevin has successfully represented and defended national and regional insurance companies in cases with exposure ranging from several thousand to several million dollars. The firm prides itself on offering low hourly rates to clients, and prompt and individualized action and representation due to the firm's small size.

Photo: Hardwicke's "The Art of Winning Cases, or Modern Advocacy" 1897. U.S.D. Hagemann Law Library.

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